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Create Hubs. Tell Stories. Think Immersively.

We are an easy-to-distribute 3D platform that allows you to create immersive hubs for training, content curation for virtual exhibits, and connected portfolios.  Absolutely NO coding or design experience required to bring your ideas to life.  Click on the arrows below to experience and try our 3D platform now.


Who is Saganworks?

We are an easy-to-distribute 3D immersive platform that enables users to smartly consolidate media into hubs, create and maintain virtual exhibits to engage them in new stories, educate through experiential training, and build masterful portfolios.  We strive to enable the evolution of storytelling and furthering understanding in the world.

Examples from our Community

Our Customers & Partners

Become a Part of Something Great

At Saganworks we value the success of both our customers and partners.  We work together and win together.

Saganworks has become an indispensable tool in my physics and astronomy courses. Gone are the days of boring slideshow presentations! My students now construct virtual exhibits and give tours to their fellow classmates garnering a permanent digital learning artifact in the process.

Jesse Mason Physics & Astronomy Instructor at HFCC

Our organization has enjoyed a productive and generative partnership with Saganworks, especially in opening new rooms in the visualization of projects featured on our online journal which helped us understand and perceive the work in a new way. We look forward to collaborating on and discussing more ideas and projects in the future with the creative and responsive Saganworks team.

Maryrose Flanigan Executive Director A2RU

Saganworks is a valuable marketing tool that allows us to maintain a virtual store instead of a physical one, since our limited space doesn't allow for it. It has become a talking point for visitors and garnered attention in ways that we never would have experienced with a basic 2D layout. The ability to customize clothing, t-shirts, mugs and more has made it a tool that doesn't require any knowledge of 3D design.

Bradley Torreano Marketing Director Blue LLama Jazz Club

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