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At Saganworks we believe in providing an immersive storytelling experience to everyone, which is why we have plans that fit your business needs.

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What comes with my Saganworks Pro Subscription?

The Saganworks PRO Annual subscription is designed for users seeking enhanced capabilities and expanded resources within the Saganworks platform. With a range of powerful features and increased storage capacity, this subscription empowers individuals and organizations to create and explore immersive digital spaces effortlessly. In this article, we will delve into the key features of Saganworks PRO Annual subscription, showcasing the benefits it offers.

1. Full (and Growing) Library of Room Templates and 3D Objects:

With a Saganworks PRO Annual subscription, users gain access to an extensive library of Room Templates and 3D Objects. These pre-designed templates enable users to jumpstart their projects and customize their digital spaces with ease. Additionally, the ever-expanding library ensures a growing selection of options to suit diverse needs.

2.Guided Tours:

Unlock the ability to create and experience guided tours within your Sagans.
Guide visitors through your digital spaces by creating a curated sequence of observation points, objects, and multimedia content. This feature allows you to provide engaging and immersive experiences, ideal for educational purposes, virtual tours, or storytelling.

3. Notes, Labels, and Simple Editable Documents:

Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers can add detailed notes, labels, and simple documents to their rooms and objects. This feature enhances organization and enables users to annotate items, providing context, information, and descriptions. Seamlessly attach text-based documents or information, making it easier for collaborators and visitors to understand the content within your Sagans.

4. Room Portals:

Immerse yourself in a network of interconnected Sagans using Room Portals. With a Saganworks PRO Annual subscription, you can create portals that connect your different rooms together. This functionality facilitates seamless navigation between related spaces, offering a holistic and interconnected experience for visitors.

5. Room Colorization:

Customize the ambiance and aesthetics of your Sagans with the Room Colorization feature. Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers gain the ability to select and apply custom colors to rooms, enhancing the visual appeal and creating distinct environments within their digital spaces.

6. Private Sharing and Room Collaboration:

Maintain control over your content by utilizing the Private Sharing and Collaboration feature. With a Saganworks PRO Annual subscription, you can limit access to your Sagans, ensuring that they are only visible to authorized users. This feature is ideal for confidential projects, restricted content, or exclusive collaborations.

7. Iframe Publishing and Embedding in websites:

Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers can embed their Sagans seamlessly into external websites or platforms using Iframe Publishing Embedding. This feature enables you to showcase your digital spaces within your own website, blog, or online portfolio, expanding the reach and accessibility of your content.

8. Unlimited Sagans (Rooms):

Unlock the ability to create an unlimited number of Sagans (rooms) with a Saganworks PRO Annual subscription. This unrestricted capacity allows you to organize and create an extensive collection of interconnected digital spaces, each tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

9. Unlimited Items within Rooms:

Enjoy the freedom of adding an unlimited number of items within each room. Whether it’s images, videos, 3D models, or other multimedia content, Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers can populate their Sagans with a vast array of objects, ensuring rich and immersive experiences.

10. Increased Cloud Storage (20GB):

Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers receive a substantial storage upgrade, with 20 times more storage capacity compared to the free version. This expanded storage allocation allows users to store a significant amount of high-quality multimedia content, ensuring their Sagans are visually captivating and information-rich.

11. No Restrictions on Video/Audio Processing:

Experience unrestricted video processing capabilities. Saganworks PRO Annual subscribers can upload and process videos without limitations, enabling smooth playback and seamless integration of video content within their Sagans. Free Users can only process and store 100 MB of Video and Audio, Pro subscribers can use all 20GB of their storage!

The Saganworks PRO Annual subscription offers a suite of advanced features and expanded resources to transform your digital spaces into immersive and interactive environments. From an extensive library of templates and objects to enhanced customization options, guided tours, and increased storage capacity, this subscription empowers users to create captivating experiences and share them securely. Upgrade to Saganworks PRO Annual to unlock the full potential of your digital spaces.

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